Getting to know Me: My pets

admin / December 12, 2018

Meet Kingston & Yeti. Kingston (left) is 13 years old. Yeti (right), in this pic, is 3 months. We are going to focus on Mr. Kingston. ¬†Kingston‘s my first son. I adopted him from the Boulder Humane Society in Colorado. He apparently came from Alamosa, CO and the humane society was certain he had come from an abusive home. He’s…

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Getting to know Me: My environment

admin / September 29, 2018

I love, love, love, love, love(!) where I live. This place is truly magical. Nestled in between a small tributary to a large river and a giant open field, my house sits on a dead end. I have fantastic neighbors, gorgeous views, and it’s so unbelievably quiet except for the sounds of nature. Canadian Geese travel back and forth on…

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Reflecting and Stress Reduction

admin / August 19, 2018

It’s my fianc√©’s birthday. As he’s sleeping in, I have bacon in the oven. (Yes. It’s easy, simple, and less mess!) And all the animals are following me around like shadows. I literally have my own posse. Wherever I am, there they are, too. I kind of like it, really. Anyway- All the animals are hanging out, resting near me…

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Hello world!

This is the story of how I rid my life of everything that did not positively serve me… and I am reigniting my projects and my desire to pursue the things that matter to me. Stay tuned.