Christmas 2018 (Post 1 of 2)

Last year, my children- after becoming completely obsessed with the Netlflix series Stranger Things,
asked for a 1980s themed Christmas. HAIL YES! I got SO excited and I’ll post about that later on after I find the pictures of this epic idea..
but this year.. I decided to switch things up.. We are doing a 4 gift rule.

I am tired of Christmas being about presents. I want it to be more meaningful and so we are starting some new traditions..
Along with..

4 gifts.. Just 4.

1. Something you WANT.
2. Something you NEED.
3. Something to WEAR.
4. Something to READ.

I sat them down, expecting to receive a negative response. They actually were completely fine with this.
Along with the 4 gift rule, we are choosing to shop for 2 children who are less fortunate and we are donating our time as a family at a local charity.

Stay tuned on the report of our adventures.