Getting to know Me: My environment

I love, love, love, love, love(!) where I live. This place is truly magical.

Nestled in between a small tributary to a large river and a giant open field, my house sits on a dead end. I have fantastic neighbors, gorgeous views, and it’s so unbelievably quiet except for the sounds of nature. Canadian Geese travel back and forth on the creek and it’s even better when there’s a trail of 75 goslings following them. I can fish in my own backyard and have caught several different species of fish including giant Northern Pike and Bass. In the summer, I sit outside daily, soaking up the love I feel living in this magical world. It soothes me. It restores me. This place found me when I was searching for houses. And everything literally fell into perfect place as it became mine a year ago.

I think it’s extremely important to live near things or places that make you happy. And the ironic thing is I used to run around this area when I was in high school. I absolutely loved it out here and find it slightly comical that I would find my way to living here today.

Our house is beautiful but you would never guess that from the outside.. The exterior has a sort of plain-ness to it. Nothing exciting.. Looks like everyone else’s.. Eventually I want to add on to the house, but not until the garage is finished into a fun indoor entertaining space since Winters are harshly cold here.

I enjoy watching the expressions as people walk into this home, and realize the size of this place, and then discover how beautifully updated everything is. I made this place my own with artwork from friends and family, antique knick knacks picked up on adventures, a piano, and lots of music décor. The only thing that truly needs work are the bathrooms.. which will probably be next summer.. One bathroom will resonate similar to a Hard Rock Café restaurant with music memorabilia and flaming guitars. The second a serene zen getaway, and the third; undecided.

My kitchen is my favorite room. I have a gigantic kitchen island that my quilting mother drools over. The open entertaining area allows me to cook your meal while engaging in conversation. Our dance floor area is always in use with my family being very goofy and impromptu dance competitions ensue almost daily. A gorgeous hand built stone fireplace from floor to ceiling brings this amazing ambience to that entire area of the house. This house is so fantastic for entertaining. Not to mention, being able to head outside and jump into a kayak/boat, or perhaps light a campfire next to a gorgeous view of the river.

Our “living room” which will eventually be made into a theater room.. equipped with retracting red curtains over our TV that we literally fought for during Black Friday. LOL! Long story there….  My neighbors will hate us once the surround sound system is installed next week.

I recently painted the boys’ bedrooms and made them into their specific requests.. Jurassic World & Marvel Superheroes. I know, I know.. I’ll post pics eventually.

Enjoying this entire place with a man that looks at me.. like no one ever has..  is what makes this place our home. I am so lucky to call him my husband. I am so very proud to be his wife. And these walls? Filled with laughter every, single day. Life is good. Life is very, very, very good.