Getting to know Me: My pets

Meet Kingston & Yeti. Kingston (left) is 13 years old. Yeti (right), in this pic, is 3 months. We are going to focus on Mr. Kingston.
Kingston‘s my first son. I adopted him from the Boulder Humane Society in Colorado. He apparently came from Alamosa, CO and the humane society was certain he had come from an abusive home. He’s part Shepherd, part Chow. He’s the sweetest dog you will ever, ever meet. He’s polite. He lets you enter any door first. He knows several tricks except is completely uncapable of catching anything in his mouth. Sad, I know. Trust me I tried several times. Several, thousand times.. He is now going blind.. and deaf.. and I’m doing all I can in hoping we get another year out of him.

He and I have had a special bond I can not describe. Back when I used to be in a relationship with someone who felt it was acceptable to eat away at my self esteem and made me cry almost on a daily basis, Kingston would sense my heartache and he would find me. Even if I was hiding in a closet or a bathroom trying to hide my emotions from my children, Kingston found me. He’d consistently paw at the door, and he would come and sit next to me, resting his paw on me. In his old age, he doesn’t do that so much anymore. Perhaps also the fact that I hardly ever cry anymore. I laugh more than I cry these days. Awww, Kingston.. I love him so much. 

Age: 13
Likes: Car rides & cats
Favorite treat:cheese
Favorite Cat: Sensei  – they have a weird bond and take lots of naps together
Dislikes: taking pictures, when car rides are over, and thunderstorms
Favorite place: Sitting outside & cuddling on the couch or bed
Favorite Season: All of them, though when he discovers it has snowed, he prances around like a happy little Bambi

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