Reflecting and Stress Reduction

It’s my fiancé’s birthday. As he’s sleeping in, I have bacon in the oven. (Yes. It’s easy, simple, and less mess!) And all the animals are following me around like shadows. I literally have my own posse. Wherever I am, there they are, too. I kind of like it, really. Anyway- All the animals are hanging out, resting near me as I type this sitting at my dining room table.

The windows are open. Sounds of birds chirping and singing. The occasional flop of a fish dancing above water. Cello music is what I am currently listening to. I know, I sound old, right?
Making breakfast, listening to nature amonsgst my classical music playing while sipping black coffee and typing on a laptop.. life is absolutely lovely.

As I sit and recap on the week and start to feel the stress of the upcoming one, I can’t help but think about how I manage my stress..

Here are my top 10 ways to battle stressful weeks..

Plan ahead the night before. 
I can not stress this one enough. Lay your clothes out the night before, have your work bag and/or purse ready to roll. Get breakfast prepped the night before, or lunch, or dinner, whatever.. Have coffee brewing while you shower..  Do what you need to do to make the morning the most lovely, effortlessly stress-less start to your day.

Mealplan for the week or at least have an idea..
I love meal planning. I will post more on how I do this later.. 🙂 But Oh MAN! Do I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE meal planning AND COOKING! <3 My kitchen is my sanctuary. And feeding my family delicious food I make from the heart makes me happy and whole. <3

Bubble Baths
This. Requires. Zero. Explanation. Everyone should have all the supplies necessary to enjoy a relaxing, luxurious bubble bath equipped with Epsom salts, essential oils, candles, and jazz music.

Impromptu dance parties
People that watch Ellen DeGeneres will understand. Bust out those awful awkward dance moves and just dance. No one’s watching. 😉

I used to be afraid to write my thoughts and feelings on paper. I was afraid of my inner most thoughts being read or made fun of by a past relationship I was in. Now? I thoroughly NEED to write things out so I no longer hold things in. It feels good to get it out. SO good.

Listening to your favorite songs, writing a song, playing an instrument, singing; just do it. All of it.

Move. Yoga. Kayak. Walk. Run. Something.
It is so important to move. Besides, it feels amazing. Honestly, just go outside.. that’s the first step. 

Sip Tea
My favorite? Yerba Mate. Kava. or Lavender Chamomile.

Not only does it improve every system in your body, but it will truly relieve the stress of the emotional pain patterns you are holding onto. Check out AmtaMassage.org to find a qualified Massage Therapist near you. Or send me an email and I will do my best to hook you up with someone I know that won’t waste your money.

Turn off the TV and your computer. Put down your phone.
Forget Technology. Unplug. Focus on what is actually necessary, which is NOT scrolling through everyone’s self-proclaimed highlight reel or those awful relentless selfies that make them look NOTHING like they do in person.. Don’t be that person.  Do something on the above list. Self- Care is ESSENTIAL for you not ripping off other people’s heads or suffering from road rage. 😉